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Most companies claim that their pet food has all that your pet needs. But natural pet foods lack the antibiotics, preservatives and unnatural additives that these ordinary dog food companies aren’t telling you about.

Would you eat dog food? Of course not! So why think that your pet can stomach the same ingredients? In fact, there’s a lot to be frightened about the kind food that goes on your pet’s plate, and interested owners would do well to decipher the ingredients.


Many pet food companies do not make their food out of concern for the animals. They make it out of concern for their bottom line profits and never let the owners know what is in dog food. Customer demand constantly leads pet food companies to develop food that leaves little mess, and makes your pet’s stool harder and easier to pick up. Hence, dry pet food has become the staple of choice for many pet owners. But what kind of toll does this take on your pet’s stomach, all for the sake of a cleaner homer?

The Proof Is In the Preparation

Instead, studies are showing that the best kinds of foods for your pet are the most digestible. The same basic standards that apply to the human body apply to your pet as well – that means your food should lack the chemicals, additives and preservatives that often gunk up your digestive system. For food to be natural, the process must go all the way back to the farm as well, where the raw food was kept free of pesticides and growth hormones.

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But it also means a tremendous difference in the way the pet food is prepared. Most commercial pet food is produced by pressing the ingredients, rather than properly processing them. By contrast, Flint River Ranch petfood is baked, allowing for the food to be digested far faster and far more efficiently. The result is healthy dog treats and cat treats. Flint River’s vet recommended cat food and dog food have won rave reviews from the experts.

Most experts agree that pets process starchy food with more difficulty than human beings. By pressing, those starches are left intact. By baking, those starches are processed into digestible foodstuffs.

The Benefits

Why use natural pet food? By switching to natural dog food, it won’t take long to see the results in your pet. Animal scientists have done innumerable studies that compared pets raised on diets of commercial dog food versus natural pet foods. In all cases, the natural animals had healthier coats, healthier joints and healthier lives.

Looking into your pet’s health is important, whether they have medical problems or are perfectly healthy. There are foods and grooming products and natural supplements that are available to help you care for your pet. What are probiotic supplements? These supplements support healthy digestive systems with positive flora that ease the digestion process and maximize the benefits of healthful food.

Choose baked foods, not processed foods. Choose chicken, not chicken by-product. The difference is clear with natural pet foods and while they may be a littler harder to find and a bit more money to buy, the results are well worth the extra effort.

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